Fife Concrete Sidewalks


Want new sidewalks? The price to install our concrete sidewalks Fife, WA from N.W. Creative Concrete is more competitive than other materials like interlock pavers. With our Fife concrete sidewalks, your maintenance costs will also be low.

Our Fife concrete sidewalks require low to no maintenance, which saves both time and money in the long run. With our Fife concrete sidewalks, you do not have to worry about durability. It can last over 20 years, and weeds will not grow on the paved area. Considered one of the strongest material for landscaping, it can withstand more wear and tear then other choices.

For durable and cost-effective Fife concrete sidewalks, we are one of the best in the industry. With us you get these options:

  • Concrete walkway
  • Sidewalk repair near me
  • Concrete sidewalk repair
  • Concrete walkway around house

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Fife Paved Sidewalk


Our Fife paved sidewalk provides a stable surface off of the roadway for pedestrians to use, whether in front of your home or business. Our Fife paved sidewalk can also be installed in your yard, as a sidewalk on the side of the house or in other applications.

Our Fife paved sidewalk can provide a fine, clean border to your yard or business space. Besides, with our Fife paved sidewalk, you can reduce maintenance requirements. With high traffic areas like driveways and front entrances, concrete can absorb all the abuse without showing signs of frequent use.

For a stable and durable Fife paved sidewalk, rely on us totally. We provide these options:

  • Concrete paver sidewalk
  • Paved sidewalk
  • Paved walkway
  • Paving stone sidewalk

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Fife Concrete Sidewalk


With the wide range of color palette to choose from along with endless pattern, shape, and texture possibilities, you can customize your very own landscape to your heart's content with our Fife concrete sidewalk. Our Fife concrete sidewalk is both summer and winter friendly.

If your concrete is finished in a light color, it will stay cool under the blazing sun during summer months–a definite plus for those who like to walk around in bare feet thanks to our Fife concrete sidewalk. And for the winter months, snow can easily be removed with our Fife concrete sidewalk. Besides, our Fife concrete sidewalk gives a polished, professional finish without the ongoing maintenance required.

For a convenient and quality Fife concrete sidewalk, we are your best partner. We offer the following:

  • Concrete walkway around house
  • Sidewalk leveling
  • Stamped concrete sidewalk
  • Concrete sidewalk contractors

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