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Are you starting new construction on your property? Are you building your home or a commercial building on the property and looking for experienced concrete foundation contractors? If yes, then you must look for contractors that are experienced, extremely professional and reasonably priced. Also, the contractors must be adept at handling and providing concrete slab foundation services. The foundation of the home or office that you intend to build is the most crucial part as the entire structure will sit upon it. If the foundation is strong and sturdy, you can be worry-free for years to come.

A good solid foundation of any structure has three essential roles to play. The first of these is to hold the load of the entire building. Secondly, it must keep standing and safeguard the occupants even when nature wreaks havoc, such as in cases of earthquakes, floods, storms, and strong winds. Lastly, the foundation of the building must prevent ground moisture from seeping in and weakening the structure from the base.

The choice of the right type of foundation and the quality of materials to be used is of utmost importance. Place your trust in N.W. Creative Concrete for concrete slab foundation services in the Tacoma, WA, area. As one of the leading concrete foundation companies serving in Tacoma since 1992, we have gained the respect of our clients for the following reasons:

  • Professional services
  • Use of the best quality materials
  • Honest recommendations
  • Reasonable pricing

As a professional and respected concrete foundation company serving Tacoma, we understand that the foundation of any structure needs to be strong and sturdy to offer the structure longevity and safety. While a concrete slab foundation is a preferred material, weather conditions in the area must be considered as well. The right grade choice, quality, and consistency of the concrete are essential to ensure that it is able to bear the onslaught of severe and extreme weather conditions.

A concrete foundation is one of the strongest and most durable types of foundations for homes and commercial buildings. Constructed as slabs, the concrete foundation is all poured at one time, with soil preparations completed earlier. When the entire concrete is poured at the same time, the edges are always thicker than the center.

There are other reasons why concrete slab foundation is considered ideal for area Tacoma properties. While there are no crawlspaces, you can hide all the tubing, wires, plumbing, electrical conduit, central vacuum tubes, and tubing for radiant heating under the concrete slab foundation. You must use expert concrete foundation contractors in Tacoma to do the site preparation before the concrete is poured.

The soil must be well-packed, the vapor barrier, insulation, drainage, and mechanical infrastructure requirements complete before concrete is poured. Working on the concrete foundation installation for Tacoma homes and commercial buildings, we reinforce the concrete with post-tension cables or steel rods. This is done to make the concrete slab foundation sturdy and able to bear the weight of the upcoming structure. Rely on us for any concrete slab foundation services in Tacoma as we have been in this industry for a long time.

Tacoma Concrete Foundation


You must remember that simply pouring some concrete in a big hole is not how a concrete slab foundation of a home is created. It requires more than that. A concrete foundation for a home in Tacoma or any other place must be customized to suit the requirements of the site, considering factors like water tables, soil conditions, and the quality of the backfill. Details must be perfect if you wish to have an ideal concrete foundation for your home in Tacoma.

The concrete foundation, as the essential part of any home, needs all details attended to so that it remains free of cracks and stays dry for a long time and be solid enough to hold the house. Being an established and experienced concrete foundation contractor serving the Tacoma area, we ensure that everything is right. You must never try to construct a concrete slab foundation DIY as this is a complex process. As concrete installation experts serving Tacoma, we are adept at handling all types of concrete foundations, including T-shaped, raft, and slab-on-grade.

Each of these concrete foundations is used for a particular kind of building, and all have their pros and cons. Homeowners are usually confused between having a home with a slab-on-grade foundation or one with the basement. While this actually depends upon the personal requirements and budget of the homeowner, the concrete slab foundation is found the most suitable for Tacoma homes.

This is because homes with a concrete slab foundation are more durable and healthier as compared to those with basements. Homeowners can save money and carbon emissions with concrete slab foundation in Tacoma. We have skilled and trained personnel that can offer the most durable and reliable concrete foundation installation in Tacoma. Here are the steps that we follow to carry out our work on a concrete foundation after preparing the site:

  • Build the base and pack it
  • Strengthen the slab with steel bars
  • Prepare for the concrete truck
  • Pour and flatten the concrete

We handle the essential preparation before actually pouring the concrete because it is difficult to move the concrete once poured and set. We also consider the right weather before pouring the concrete so that it neither dries too fast nor takes too long to cure. We also use the best team, tools, and equipment, not just to pour the concrete but smooth it out as well. We ensure that all voids in the concrete are filled, and there are no air pockets created. After completing the smoothing process, we let the concrete set and cure for some time. The concrete tends to bleed out the water on the surface.

The last phase of the smoothing is done once this water disappears. Once the surface of the concrete slab foundation is smoothed, it is left to cure. The concrete must be left moist to allow slow curing attaining maximum strength in the process. You can rely on us as the concrete foundation contractors in Tacoma having all the right tools, equipment, machines, and the workforce to handle the installation work without any hassles. We use the latest and the most advanced techniques of concrete pouring and installation. Our technicians attend workshops on the latest advancements in concrete slab foundation installation so that they can offer the right services for your situation.

Tacoma Concrete Slab Foundation


Working on the concrete slab foundation in Tacoma area homes and commercial buildings, we have seen that the best results are obtained when things are done in a detailed manner. Hastening the concrete foundation process only results in poorly laid concrete and other related problems. The best thing about the concrete slab foundation carried out on Tacoma properties is that there is no space between the home and the base, so there is no risk of termite infestation and mold growth. As specialized concrete slab foundation contractors serving Tacoma, we ensure that there are no problems in the installation process. However, certain issues might arise due to soil shifting and variations in soil moisture.

This can result in cracks in the building and other damages. From our experience of working with concrete slab foundation in Tacoma, we have seen that the homes having problematic foundations lose their property value, are prone to tripping hazards, and may experience equipment malfunctions. Being professional and reliable concrete foundation contractors serving in Tacoma, we focus on providing a solid foundation for your project, keeping in mind that the new construction or property addition begins on firm ground. Reviewing and progressing through all the steps of laying the concrete foundation in Tacoma, we ensure to:

  • Employ the best technicians
  • Use cutting edge tools and technology
  • Give attention to detailing

Before starting any concrete slab foundation project in Tacoma, it is better to get an estimate of the proposed costs involved. When you begin to look for an established contractor for your concrete foundation project in Tacoma, you will find that the concrete slab foundation costs are quoted in square feet. You can get an idea of the costs by multiplying the area to be covered with slab and the proposed price given by various contractors serving in the area. Professional concrete slab foundation contractors like us in Tacoma, consider multiple factors while quoting the per square foot price.

These factors include the thickness of the slab, size of the project, access to the property and the location of your property. Getting concrete foundation cost quotes from a few contractors in Tacoma will help you get the best deal and an accurate estimate of the proposed expenses. Choosing us for your concrete slab foundation project in Tacoma gives you the security that your property and its requirements are in safe hands. Having catered to the concrete foundation requirements of several homeowners in Tacoma, we are thoroughly experienced and well aware of what most property owners need. We never consider all concrete slab foundation projects alike as we understand that every home and homeowner is different with different sets of requirements and preferences. We assure customized services to give thoroughly satisfactory results.

Our job as a concrete foundation contractor in Tacoma is not just to build the base for the upcoming structure but ensure that there are no possibilities of any risks to the structural integrity of the building. Along with this, we understand that delaying the concrete foundation project will only add to the cost of the construction. We ensure that our concrete slab foundation work in Tacoma homes and other properties is done within the stipulated time and budget. Place your trust in us to be the concrete slab foundation contractors in Tacoma because we offer the best quality service.

Right from the planning stage to the actual pouring of the concrete, we take care of everything. From detailing to effectiveness, we take care of everything, and our technicians listen to all the requirements of the customer. While high quality customized services for concrete foundation installation in Tacoma is our forte, we also ensure that our prices are reasonable and competitive. We value the time spent creating the perfect building plans, and we put in our best efforts to finish the concrete slab foundation job in Tacoma within your time frame. We understand that a delayed project only adds to the cost of construction.

If you are looking forward to having a new house or office complex constructed, you must look for experienced and established concrete foundation contractors in the Tacoma area. Give a call to N.W. Creative Concrete at (253) 999-9080. We will set a meeting to discuss your project and your preferences. Call us to learn more about our other available slab foundation services.