Gig Harbor Flatwork


Are you planning a project for flatwork in Gig Harbor? Do you want to work with one of the most successful and professional Gig Harbor flatwork contractors to handle it? There is no need to look any further than N.W. Creative Concrete, if you have decided to invest in concrete flatwork. Flatwork is a broad term used for all horizontal flat building surfaces like:

  • Slab foundation
  • Floors
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Sidewalks

As a flatwork contractor in Gig Harbor this includes leveled surfaces that are slightly sloped, such as loading docks and wheelchair-accessible ramps. There are several options in materials that can be used for flatwork in Gig Harbor properties. Flooring construction can be done with wood, bricks, concrete, tiles, and flagstones. asphalt, concrete, pavers, and crushed stone are some things that are commonly utilized for driveway or walkway installations. Patios are generally constructed with wood panels, stone, brick pavers or concrete.

As can be seen, concrete is the common thread here. This versatile construction material can be used for virtually any flatwork application in Gig Harbor properties. Concrete has quite a few distinguishing features that make it an ideal choice for laying down almost all kinds of even flat surfaces:

  • Interior or exterior flatwork
  • Residential flatwork
  • Commercial flatwork 
  • Municipal building flatwork 

There is an overwhelming preference for concrete flatwork in Gig Harbor residents homes.

Low maintenance requirements, resistance to tree-root intrusion, and favorable impact on energy-efficiency of the building are other reasons for the popularity of concrete flatwork in Gig Harbor properties. No matter what impresses and inspires you to opt for flatwork concrete, it is essential that you hire the right concrete contractor who can be relied upon to work on your project with the finest in products and workmanship.

Finding accomplished and dependable concrete flatwork installers in the Gig Harbor area is easier said than done! With several qualified contractors serving your region, it can be challenging to compare these with each other to zero in on the best option. You also have to safeguard against being fooled by appearances or taken in by marketing gimmicks of unscrupulous flatwork concrete companies. The key to making a wise choice from among the concrete flatwork contractors serving Gig Harbor is doing thorough research of the market.

You can search online and ask for references from relatives and friends to compile a list of flatwork concrete installers in or around Gig Harbor. Asking the right questions from these contractors is necessary to decide which one should be entrusted with your concrete flatwork project. The essential questions to ask the flatwork concrete companies must concern how long the business has been in existence, whether it is licensed and carries insurance, if it has own crew or sub-contracts work, can verifiable references of past jobs, what would be its price for your proposed concrete flatwork project in Gig Harbor and the expected timeframe for job completion.

Taking the time and making an effort to find a contractor never goes waste as it results in flatwork concrete installations that work efficiently and last for the long-term. We are sure that your meticulous search for a competent flatwork concrete expert in the Gig Harbor area will lead you to us, just like it does with the countless other property owners in need of high-quality concrete flatwork construction services. And, those who work with us once turn only to us the next time they need proven pros to handle another concrete flatwork job in Gig Harbor for them.

Gig Harbor Concrete Flatwork


Installation of concrete flatwork in your Gig Harbor area property must be done right the first time. There has always been an association of strength and permanence with concrete structures. It is not at all feasible to rip out a flatwork concrete or a section of the surface if it has not been laid down properly and then re-install it. Nobody understands better than us the role of correct construction procedures for producing elegant, smooth, efficient, and durable concrete flatwork in any Gig Harbor property.

Besides being a good quality material, the concrete must be proportioned, mixed, delivered to the site, poured, cured, jointed and finished carefully to result in a high-performing flatwork concrete. After that, it is up to the property owner to provide proper maintenance that is essential for the satisfactory long-term performance of his/her flatwork concrete in Gig Harbor.

We take pride in our exceptional capabilities and committed to excellence that has helped us earn a stellar reputation as concrete flatwork specialists across Gig Harbor, besides building a large customer base. At our company, we also respect the investment of our customers and make sure that they get optimal value for the money they put in their flatwork concrete installation projects.

When you choose us over other contractors to construct your concrete flatwork in Gig Harbor, have peace of mind that the job could not be in more capable and safer hands. You can rely on us to:

  • Source concrete mix from reputable suppliers
  • Send only well-trained, seasoned crew to work
  • Follow all industry recommendations for concrete flatwork
  • Not hurry through any stage of the job

Our technicians bring years of knowledge, skills, and experience to your concrete flatwork job in Gig Harbor. They reach the job site with all the specialized equipment required for accurate and level placement of flatwork concrete. Another unique and valuable thing they come with is a high level of integrity and professionalism. Prep work is half the struggle in concrete flatwork installation in Gig Harbor properties.

Our technicians are well-versed with the essential site preparation work without which the flatwork concrete surface will not sustain for long. They make sure that the job site is excavated to the right depth, after which a sufficient amount of gravel is laid down, soil is compacted, and tamped. Our concrete flatwork experts also make sure that the soil is neither too wet nor too dry and is suitably graded for drainage purposes.

The right formwork is critical for flawless flatwork concrete construction in your Gig Harbor property. We see to it that our crew does not do a rushed, shoddy job in placing the form boards. Moreover, the forms are fortified with rebar grids to strengthen the sub-structure. You can count on us to take every care to ensure that your concrete flatwork job in Gig Harbor is clean and flawless, saving you the hassle and expense of repairs later on.

The outcome of flatwork concrete installation depends to a great extent on the quality and consistency of mixture that is used. We work with a well-respected, dependable concrete delivery company to be sure of receiving the right material. The pouring and leveling of flatwork concrete in your Gig Harbor property is done by proven pros who get the strenuous, messy work done before the mixture dries. Special care is taken to pour an adequate amount of mixture to create flatwork concrete surface of the right thickness. We use trowels, screeds and specialized electronic tools to bring utmost precision in leveling of your concrete flatwork in Gig Harbor.

Gig Harbor Flatwork Concrete


The finesse in finishing and curing of flatwork concrete is a significant factor influencing the aesthetics, functionality, and longevity of the surface. That is why we take a detail-oriented approach to the finishing operation on our concrete flatwork construction jobs in Gig Harbor. After placing, consolidating, and leveling the concrete, our technicians wait for it to stop ‘bleeding’ and start finishing work on the flatwork concrete surface in your Gig Harbor property only after the water sheen leaves.

Taking this precaution protects problems like scaling, blisters, crazing, and delamination from cropping up with the concrete flatwork at a later date. Depending on the weather conditions, steps are taken to protect your flatwork concrete in Gig Harbor against evaporation. If necessary, edges of the surface are rounded using an edging tool and any bond that is made between the form board and concrete flatwork is broken off. An essential component of any concrete flatwork installation project around Gig Harbor is correct placement of control joints.

Cement tends to shrink while it hardens, and cutting of joints is required to prevent creation of tensile stress and cracks in the flatwork concrete. If you so desire, our technicians can apply a coarse or fine push-broom on the concrete flatwork in your Gig Harbor property to give it a decorative texture and make it a non-slip surface. Our technicians are even expert at finishing flatwork concrete with different decorative treatments to enhance its aesthetic appeal. After finishing operations are over, attention is given to curing of the surface. The slower the curing process, the stronger your flatwork concrete in Gig Harbor. We use various recommended, weather-appropriate curing measures to ensure the best possible results with your concrete surface.

As our customer, you have every right to expect that the new concrete flatwork in your Gig Harbor property to be:

  • Beautiful
  • Strong
  • Impermeable
  • Hard-wearing

We work hard to ensure that your expectations are met. However, we work intending to give you much more than a beautiful flatwork concrete surface. We focus on achieving your 100% satisfaction even with every other aspect of your job for concrete flatwork construction in Gig Harbor. This means that we strive for excellence not just in technical work but also in job management and customer service. Our licensed, bonded and insured company has been meeting the flatwork concrete needs the community since 1992.

Strong work ethics and a customer-friendly attitude have been our hallmarks ever since the first day of our operations. Though we are staffed by highly skilled technicians, all the flatwork concrete jobs in Gig Harbor properties are overseen by the hands-on owner of our company. Such personalized and dedicated attention invariably ensures that the quality of our work goes beyond the highest industry standards including jobs completed within the stipulated time-frame. Our investment in state-of-the-art tools and technology, insistence on using top-grade concrete products, and commitment to providing safe, stress-free work environment for our employees are also critical factors behind the outstanding outcomes in our flatwork concrete installations in Gig Harbor.

By hiring us, you also benefit from our competitive concrete flatwork price. You can count on us to provide ‘maximum value for money’ services on your project.

Make N.W. Creative Concrete your first and only call for concrete flatwork construction in your Gig Harbor area property. Call (253) 999-9080 today to discuss your project with our experts.