Bonney Lake Foundation


Foundations are constructed to uphold the structure above it. The strength of any residential or commercial structure lies in the foundation work done in the very beginning. Obviously, if you hire professionals to create your foundation, you will get results that will last for a very long time. On the contrary, poorly constructed foundations can be dangerous to the occupants and the neighborhood.

With high-rise buildings touching the sky and large square footage building being built, having strong and stable foundations is a necessity rather than a choice. Concrete is the material of choice for the construction of foundations for residential or commercial structures. No wonder homeowners prefer concrete as it delivers the sense of safety and sturdiness not for one or two decades but over a period of many decades.

There are many variations in concrete slabs depending upon the purpose and the land properties. However, there are three types of concrete foundation used in building today, which include:

  • T-Shaped concrete slab foundation
  • Slab-On-Grade concrete foundation
  • Frost Protected concrete foundations


A T-Shaped concrete slab foundation is a traditional method of supporting a structure in an area where the ground freezes. When you opt for such type of concrete foundation for your Bonney Lake property, the process is relatively lengthy yet straightforward. At the very beginning of T-Shaped concrete slab foundation, footings are placed below the frost line. The next step includes constructing walls. Generally, such footings are kept wider than the walls, which provide extra support at the concrete slab foundation. Lastly the concrete is poured between the walls and left cure.

This whole process of T-shaped concrete foundation for your Bonney Lake property provides strength and builders can start the structure construction when it is only 50% cured.On the other hand, the slab-on-grade concrete slab foundation work is somewhat different from T-shaped. A slab-on-grade concrete slab foundation will be constructed for your Bonney Lake property if the ground does not freeze. Here, concrete is poured all at one time, thicker on the edges than the interior of the slab. The slab rests on a layer of crushed gravel, which is helpful as it improves the drainage. Wire mesh is in the concrete which reduces the chances of cracking or breaking of the slab. If your concrete builder constructs a slab-on-grade concrete foundation for your Bonney Lake property, it is because the ground at your property does not freeze. A frost protected concrete foundation will work for your Bonney Lake property when area is subject to freezing.

This method only works with a heated structure and relies on use of two sheets of rigid, polystyrene insulation. One of the sheets is integrated into the outside of the foundation wall while the other is laid flat on the bed of the gravel. The heat generated keeps the ground temperature around the footings above the freezing levels. When a frost protected concrete slab foundation in installed at your Bonney Lake property, you will notice that the concrete is poured in one operation versus the three pours that are necessary for T-Shaped foundations.

Bonney Lake Concrete Foundation


As established, concrete slab foundation work is critical for the structural integrity of any residential, commercial, or industrial building. Therefore, it is most definitely not a DIY job or even a job that to inexperienced contractors should do. Why? Well, can you take the chances of having an incorrectresult? That is what happens when you hire amateurs for the job.

Concrete work that is not done correctly poses constant problems because attention to detail was not given during the construction of concrete slab foundation.Luckily, you do not have to deal with that when you hire professionals like us for your concrete foundation project at your Bonney Lake area property. Focused, trained and professional technicians work on the job when you have us by your side. Wondering why we are confident about ourselves? Because we are:

  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Highly competent concrete foundation contractors
  • 100% customer-oriented
  • Well-reputed with decades of experience


It is not just about having trained professionals at the job for you. For us, it is about delivering the highest quality of work so you can have a concrete slab foundation at your Bonney Lake property that you can rely on for many decades. Hiring us for the job is the correct decision as our technicians are qualified individuals to handle your concrete foundation job because they have received the proper education, training, and are highly experienced. No concrete job should be done by contractors who do not possess the appropriate knowledge about concrete. For building a perfectly balanced and sturdy concrete foundation for your Bonney Lake property, there needs to be a perfect mix of concrete. This process,when done by inexperienced technicians,never proves to be correct.

Appropriately trained and qualified technicians know how to create a perfect concrete mix consisting of cement, water, sand, and stone. This is important as the quality of the mix determines how well the concrete slab foundation at your Bonney Lake property holds.Not just the concrete mixing, but the pouring of concrete is also a demanding skill. During a concrete foundation construction at your Bonney Lake area, pouring concrete is a critical step in building your home, so make sure you know what to look for if you are hiring a concrete company. The work of a professional concrete foundation contractor is multi-dimensional. From site-preparation, formwork, placement to finishing, any concrete slab foundation work at your Bonney Lake property requires the attention that only experienced contractors can deliver.

Since professional concrete foundation contractors know the characteristics of their medium, they are able to complete the project much more quickly than those with less experience. Not just that, but highly trained contractors like us will also ensure that any minor or significantproblem that surfaces during a concrete slab foundation project at your Bonney Lake property will be taken care of right away. Using a wheelbarrow is not sufficient for larger concrete projects. Professionals contractors like us are well equipped with the necessary equipment like a concrete mixer, which is expensive to rent.

Having this equipment us to complete the concrete slab foundation job for your Bonney Lake project on time. Our trained technicians also have the necessary tools to properly apply a smooth or textured finish to the concrete slab foundation. Rest assured that we take care of every small or largedetail before, during and after any concrete slab foundation project in the Bonney Lake area. Why engage with inexperience when you can have our professionally trained and courteous technicians working on the concrete slab foundation for your Bonney Lake area.Call us today for a hassle-free and professional concrete foundation service in the Bonney Lake area.

Bonney Lake Concrete Slab Foundation


Yes, indeed,the process of building a concrete slab foundation for your Bonney Lake property is a complex one. With so many variables and moving parts, the whole project is done in phases. However, concrete foundation construction can be divided into four main components which include:

  • Site picking and analysis of the land
  • Controlled excavation
  • Installation of footings
  • Pouring concrete and curing

Each activity for the construction of a concrete foundation for your Bonney Lake property has to be planned, as it requires specific equipment at every stage. The construction plan for a foundation is affected by the quality of the contractor hired to accomplish the project and the resulting costs of the project.

Creating the concrete slab foundation layout at your Bonney Lake site is the very first step in the whole process. It is followed by machines thathandle controlled excavation to the required depth using proper safety measures and suitable techniques. Once the excavation is done,the leveling of the soil is started using hand-operated tools.

The next phase of concrete foundation for your Bonney Lake property is installing footings, which is a critical step in the whole construction. This includes careful placement of PCC and reinforcement steel, after which concrete formworks are erected for footings. If you are wondering what the next step forthe concrete slab foundation includes, it is the actual pouring concrete to the concrete slab foundation at your Bonney Lake site. Once done with that, the framework is removed, and the concrete is left to cure for the required number of days. After this, finishing coats are applied to the surface of your concrete slab foundation.

As an experienced and customer-oriented concrete foundation contractor serving Bonney Lake, we also ensure that we clean the job site once we complete the work which is extremely helpful for the next contractors and your safety as well. Anytime you are planning for a new residential or commercial construction, make it a priority to hire a professionally trained and experienced concrete contractor in Bonney Lake for the job. Professionalism, meticulous attention to details, reasonable prices and courteous technicians are some of our strength which separates us from other concrete slab foundation contractors in the Bonney Lake area. We highly value your time and money and work efficiently to ensure that every concrete foundation project is completed well within a pre-set time frame.

For maximum return on the investment on your concrete foundation project, make sure you take your time while choosing the right concrete contractors. Our years of vast experience has helped us deliver many small and complex concrete foundation project in the Bonney Lake area. Therefore, call our experts if you are not able to make up your mind about which concrete slab foundation contractor will best take care of the project for you.

Our technicians will ensure that they take care of every small detail and problem encountered during the construction of the concrete foundation at your Bonney Lake property.You do not have to remember everything when you want a quality concrete slab foundation for your Bonney Lake property. Our expert technicians are only a phone call away. Get in touch with us anytime you want to know more about the foundational work or for the quality construction of a concrete foundation for your Bonney Lake residential or commercial properties.

Are you looking for affordable and expert concrete foundation services for your Bonney Lake area property? Call N.W. Creative Concrete at (253) 999-9080 to hire us as your concrete slab foundation contractor today. You will be glad you made the call!

If you are having a hard time deciding which type of concrete foundation will best suit your Bonney Lake, WA area property, then let our experts at N.W. Creative Concrete help. Equipped with experience and unmatched skills, they will thoroughly analyze the conditions, recommend and install the concrete slab foundation at your Bonney Lake property that will best hold your home or business structure firmly for decades.